Signing Ceremony (from left to right): Chunchao Qiu, co-founder and executive president of RoboSense; Dr. Chunxin Qiu, founder and CEO of RoboSense; Yi Shi, vice president of marketing of RoboSense; Xingyu Li, vice president of ecological development and strategic planning of Horizon Robotics; Dr. Kai Yu, founder and CEO of…

SHENZHEN,China — RoboSense LiDAR, the leading Smart LiDAR Sensor provider announced the second-generation intelligent solid-state LiDAR RS-LiDAR-M1 (referred to as “M1”) completed mass production and delivery to the designated project for the first time. Since the start of production (SOP) to vehicle manufacturer in June 2021, more than ten batches…

RoboSense LiDAR

The Leading Provider of Smart LiDAR Sensor Systems for Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

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